The Cadillac Three Ready the Release of “Epic” New Single “The South,” Big Machine Records Label Debut

The Cadillac Three is set to storm the charts with their first official debut single from their record deal with Big Machine Records. Take a look here for more about The Cadillac Three’s “The South” here, exclusively on Roughstock!

The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston has been tearing up the country singles charts in the recent years, having penned such hits as Keith Urban’s “You Gonna Fly,” Tim McGraw’s “Southern Girl” and Jake Owen’s “Days of Gold,” but now he is ready to make some noise of his own. Johnston and his band will release their new single, “The South,” later this month.

To no surprise, Johnston wrote “The South” by himself, trying to capture a special vibe for The Cadillac Three.

“I was listening to a lot of Zepplin at the time,” Johnston tells Roughstock. “I wanted something for our live shows. Our first record was already done. I wanted something for our live show that was an epic closer to replace ‘Down on the River’ or something that we didn’t have anything like already. I basically tried to write a song like Zepplin’s ‘Cashmere’ … a song like that. I wrote it about all the towns we’d been touring throughout the Southeast at that time. I wanted to see how many of the states I could put into the chorus [laughs]. It came out really cool. The label loved it, and it’s been a really fun one to do live. The crowd always responds well to it.” 

“The South” is the lead single from The Cadillac Three’s debut project on Big Machine Records. “We’ve cut like seven songs for the album at this point,” notes Johnston. “I can’t wait for everybody to hear the new tunes. It’s pretty exciting, and it sounds really good!”

Look for “The South” to impact country radio in the next couple of weeks with the album to follow down the road. To keep up with where The Cadillac Three will be on the road, check out their official website at