The Weekly Single Recap: The Week Of October 18, 2013: Featuring “I Got A Car” from Geroge Strait and 9 More Songs

This week’s stable of songs includes the latest from Texas Music Stars Brandon Rhyder and Wade Bowen along with five newcomers including buzzworthy songwriter Brandy Clark, TJ Hamilton, Rosehill and more. Also, Chuck Dauphin discusses “I Got A Car,” the latest single from George Strait.

Weekly Single Recap For October 18, 2013:

Adam Dean Mullins – All My Favorite Memories (PLC Records):

Old School sound and lyrics. Very effective.


Brandon Rhyder – “Pray The Night” (Reserve Records/Thirty Tigers):

A true vocal showcase set against a luscious arrangement!


Brandy Clark – “Stripes” (Slate Creek Records):

A modern day Loretta Lynn twist. Maybe the coolest line of any song this year in “There’s no crime of passion worth a crime of fashion.”Don’t mess with Ms. Clark.

Chris Carmack – “What If I Was Willing” (Valory Music Company):

Nice flow to the track. Quite possibly the most radio friendly song from ABC’s “Nashville” yet.

Neal McCoy/Darius Rucker – “Kiss An Angel Good Morning” (Slate Creek Records):

Faithful cover of the Charley Pride classic. McCoy and Rucker make for a great combination.

George Strait – “I Got A Car” (MCA Nashville):

Simple lyrics, but sometimes that’s the most direct way to the heart.

Tim Ash – “Broke” (A&M Productions/SMG Records):

Energetic and plenty of fun.

Listen Here:

TJ Hamilton – “Crazy: (Dream Big Records):

Decent showcase vocally, but the vocals are more impressive than the song.


Wade Bowen – “Songs About Trucks” (AMP/Sea Gayle Records):

A little bit of commentary on the subject of many songs today. Extremely well written without taking personal shots.

Rosehill – “The Bible & The Gun” (Tenacity):

A stunning piece of work. It might be a little too deep for radio, but it needs to be heard!


Bonus Thoughts on Two Stunning songs from the late songwriter Tim Johnson:

To Do What I Do:

Pure poetry. I thought it when Alan cut it years ago. Tim Johnson’s lyrics have meaning to any of us who have ever pursued a career in music – on stage or behind the scenes. R.I.P.

I Let Her Lie:

A rare look inside the soul of one of the format’s best songs of the 1990s.