Single Review: Kip Moore – Young Love

Kip Moore released “Young Love” to radio yesterday, giving his fans of his fan club the first chance to hear a 90 second preview of the track. We’ve also been able to hear the whole track and have our review of the rising star’s lead single from his sophomore album here!

Kip Moore did the unthinkable in 2013 when he scored a #1 hit with “Hey Pretty Girl,” a quiet ballad and so it’s not surprising that — on first blush — he’d come out with a follow-up that’s similar sounding yet “Young Love” only starts that way. By the time we get to the chorus, Kip gets all rootsy-rocky like he did on the best tracks of Up All Night, his debut album. It’s another strong track from one of Country’s biggest rising stars. 

Here, Kip sings about a couple of young, wild hearts who find each other and how they’ve become determined to be together, despite objections from her parents. He is apparently the ‘wild child, good for nothing guy’ but since they’re young and so ‘in love’ they don’t know any different. Yes, this story has been told before but it’s told here in a new, interesting, and most importantly, very Kip Moore way.

His voice is as raspy and as inviting musically as ever. There’s quite simply nobody else like Kip Moore on country radio. When you hear his songs, you know who it is. The production from Brett James is as solid as everything on Up All Night and helps accentuate the lyrics to the track. In other words, the production fits the mood of the lyrics and Kip’s vocal melody.  

“Young Love” feels like another hit for Kip’s still-rising career and I’m sure fans who check his headline tour in the fall/winter of 2013 will certainly get to experience this and other new tracks from his upcoming early 2014 album release. 

Read the lyrics to Kip Moore’s “Young Love” here.