Album Review: Ty Herndon - Lies I Told Myself

Ty Herndon returns with his brand new album -- which was partially funded by a successful kickstarter campaign -- Lies I Told Myself. A lean 10 song collection of Country music. 

After seven years away from mainstream Country music, Ty Herndon returns with Lies I Told Myself  a lean 10 track collection which showcases the kind of superstar talent that made his albums throughout the 1990s and 2000s such joyful listens. “Beautiful Love Song” stars the record and the tune, written by brothers AJ Clark and Wes Cleve Clark of Avarado Road Show along with Brandon Parr, the song is the perfect lead-off to this album which blends Herndon’s classic sound with a modern mainstream-ready sound, a sound which is perfectly showcased on the Shaye Smith, Tammy Hyler and Matt Evans (Sara’s brother)-penned “Sugar,” a groove-filled, love song. 

Ty’s always been at his best on the ballads and he immediately shows this off on the lead single and title track “Lies I Told Myself.” It’s such a wonderful song, it’s a wonder nobody else has thought to cut the song. Ty sings his ass off showcasing a vocal many of the ‘young guns’ could learn from while “I Am The Man” is one of a couple of tracks written by Ty on the project (both tracks with Victoria Shaw). This one features Gary Burr as well and it’s a lyrical stroke of genius. It feels very autobiographical and is performed that way. The gorgeous fiddle laced between the vocal lines only accents the track.

Folks looking for potential modern radio hits could do worse than listen to “Whatever This Day Wants To Give Us,” a track written by Phil Barton, Jason Matthews and Bruce Wallace. It’s uptempo, it’s sing-a-long ready and certainly has a spirited vocal, this time about a man who is ready to live life, no matter how the day may play out. Barton and Matthews co-write another standout track, the closer “Love Wins,” with Ross Copperman. Another strong ballad — but dressed up in a mid-tempo groove just how radio likes it —“Love Wins” finds Ty Herndon singing about how love conquers all, no matter how angry and mad we can feel at times, when we’re killed with love and kindness, all the anger and negativity moves away. It’s a strong message song and Ty delvers again here. 

Produced by Ty Herndon with Paul Compton, the album rivals any of the a-list productions and is amongst the most consistent and complete albums of Ty Herndon’s career and while success on radio remains to be seen, the fact that the singer with multiple platinum albums and #1 hits has returned to the scene after a few years away, the album is already a success any anything else that happens with the project is pure gravy. 

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