Jon Pardi “Write You A Song” Tracklist and Cover Art

California native Jon Pardi is set to release his debut album in January 2014. Continue on here to see the tracklisting, cover art and some words from the rising star behind “Missing You Crazy” and “Up All Night” about his debut album and what it means to him!

Pardi co-wrote all but one track on the album and co-produced it with Bart Butler, showcasing his high-energy sound that was reared in the Honkytonks of California.  

“This album represents the last four years of my life from relationships to playing music,” shares the singer. “It’s a fun, upbeat album with songs about life and love.” Pardi’s natural storytelling gift is told from true-to-life tales from his days paying his dues and is cohesively put together. 

“If you can take a piece of life and put it in a song,” Says Pardi, “It’s going to be a good song — especially if it’s from the heart.” 

Jon Pardi Write You A Song Tracklist:

1. What I Can’t Put Down

2. Up All Night

3. Write You a Song

4. That Man

5. Missin’ You Crazy

6. Happens all the Time

7. Trash a Hotel Room 

8. Chasin’ Them Better Days

9.  Love You From Here

10. Empty Beer Cans 

11. When I’ve Been Drinkin’