Parmalee “Feels Like Carolina” Tracklist and Cover Art

Country/rock band Parmalee today announced the release date of their debut album Feels Like Carolina along with revealing the cover art and tracklist for the 12 track album produced by NV. Take a look here to see what they have to say about their debut album for Stoney Creek Records!

“After everything we’ve been through – not only as a band – but as a family, we can’t put into words how thrilled we are to finally release this project for the world to hear,” says lead singer Matt Thomas. “Every experience over the last few years  – both positive and negative – has helped to mold the songs on FEELS LIKE CAROLINA - from traveling the country and meeting our fans to surviving a near-fatal armed robbery.”

“The truth is nothing can keep us from pursuing this dream because we were raised to always ‘keep on pluggin’. . .and that’s just what we do,” adds Thomas.  “A huge THANK YOU to Country Radio and all of our fans for helping us to make this dream a reality.”

The album will feature 12 songs, including their debut Top 40 hit “Musta Had A Good Time.” The Stoney Creek Records artists worked with production team NV (Thompson Square) to craft the project which features songs written by top-shelf writers like Craig Wiseman, Kyle Jacobs, Bobby Pinson and Rachel Thibodeau. Lead singer Matt Thomas shares songwriting credits on seven of the dozen tracks including collaborations with Phil O’Donnell and Blair Daily. Parmalee’s Barry Knox, Josh McSwain and Scott Thomas also share writing credits on several of the tracks. Finally, the album also features co-writes with fellow country artists Randy Montana, Keith Anderson, Trent Tomlinson,Chris Janson and Preston Brust of LoCash Cowboys.

Parmalee Feels Like Carolina Tracklist:

1. Musta Had a Good Time (Matt Thomas, Scott Thomas, Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, David Fanning)

 2. Day Drinkin’  (Matt Thomas, Blair Daly)

3.  Move (Arlis Albriton, Brandon Kinney, Ben Daniel) 

4.  Close Your Eyes for This (Adam Craig, Trent Tomlinson, Shane Minor)

5.  Dance (Matt Thomas, Barry Knox, Tommy Cecil, Landis Frier)

6.  Carolina (Matt Thomas, Scott Thomas, Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Rick Beato) 

7.  Think You Oughta Know That (Matt Thomas, Jason Sever, Rachel Thibodeau)

8.  Back in the Day (Chris Janson, Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis, Preston Brust)

9.  My Montgomery (Kyle Jacobs, Ben Glover, Randy Montana)

10. Already Callin’ You Mine (Matt Thomas, Scott Thomas, Barry Knox, Phil O’Donnell, Wade Kirby)

11.  I’ll Bring the Music (Keith Anderson, Craig Wiseman)

12.  Another Day Gone (Matt Thomas, Scott Thomas, Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Bobby Pinson)