EP Review: Chris Janson - Chris Janson EP

With Chris Janson EP Bigger Picture Recording artist Chris Janson debuts on the scene with an extended play collection of five tracks from his forthcoming long-playing album. The EP includes "Better I Don't" and "Cut Me Some Slack." Check out our review of the EP here!

One of the most promising artists to emerge in Nashville over the past couple of years, Chris Janson was able to break the Top 40 with "Better I Don't," the debut single from his new record deal with Bigger Picture and it serves as 1/5 of a very strong introduction into the singer's career. 

"Cut Me Some Slack" [listne] is the new single from the record and it showcases a musical side that's different from the autobiographical first single was without losing any of the catchiness that radio stations demand from singers nowadays. What's great is that the song still has plenty of steel guitars audible in the production mix to add to Chris' strong vocal performance.  "Redneck Revival" and "Corn" both showcase Chris Janson's mixture of punk rock attitude and the man's ability to play the harmonica better than virtually any other artist I've heard since John Popper from Blues Traveler.  

The final track on this 5 track EP is the stunning "When I'm Holding Her," Chris loving ode to his wife Kelly and their baby daughter. Written with James Otto -- who also sings harmony vocals on the track -- "When I'm Holding Her" is the kind of stone Country/Soul ballad that used to be all over Country music radio dials and showcases just what kind of artist Chris Janson can be and is proof why I have been such a big fan and supporter of his music. There are few artists in Nashville who can emote as well as Chris Janson can when singing songs like "When I'm Holding Her" or getting as raw and real as he does with "Better I Don't." 

Chris Janson EP is something any true fan of Country Music should want to buy to help support Real Country Music.