Jake Owen to Offer Fans A Little Bit of Everything With Upcoming "Days of Gold" Album

In this exclusive to Roughstock, Jake Owen opens up about the upcoming Days Of Gold album and what fans can expect to hear when the album hits stores in early December.

Fans have already gotten their first taste of what's to come from Jake Owen with his new single, "Days of Gold." But the singer says that the new project, also titled Days of Gold, will not be a predictable piece of work. In a recent chat with Owen, he explained that the new album will offer songs on all sides of the musical spectrum, just as some of his favorite country singers have been doing for years and years.

"Garth Brooks is one of the biggest stars ever in our format, and he recorded songs like 'Ain't Going Down 'Til the Sun Comes Up,' which I kind of consider along the same likes of 'Days of Gold' -- it's real fast paced," Owen tells Roughstock. "But then again, he can do a song like 'Unanswered Prayers' and people still love both. That's kind of what I always wanted to do. Kenny [Chesney] can do 'How Forever Feels,' and then come back with a song like 'The Good Stuff.' I think that's important in this format, and I think that's why people listen to this format. That's kind of what my whole album is going to based upon."

While at this point Owen has not penned any tunes for the new album, he said the song selection will leave fans blown away by the depth.

"On the last album, the only song I wrote was 'The One That Got Away,' and that was thankfully a big hit for me," notes Owen. "It went No. 1. This album is no different, other than I didn't write anything on this record so far. I just picked songs that I love. I've got to be honest with you ... after having four No. 1 songs in a row, I'm starting to get a lot better songs from songwriters [laughs]! They aren't so stingy anymore! I'm very thankful for those. 

"I have everything on my record from the fun party songs like 'Tall Glass of Something' that pretty much is what it is, and then there's a song that's probably the most amazingly written song that not only have I ever been a part of recording, but that I've ever heard called 'After the Music Stops,'" he reveals. "The whole song is written with song titles. I think it's important in any artists career to have diversity and have depth. Yeah, I'll be the 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' guy, but I also would like to have the other side to me as well. I came out with a song called 'Yee Haw' and followed it up with 'Startin' With Me.' Those are both on completely different sides of the spectrum, and I've always been that kind of guy. I have massive, massive respect for classic country music. Just the songs that were classic are what brought me to town because I wanted to sing those kind of songs. But as you know with the format changing throughout the years, you have to keep up with the times. At this point in our lives -- 2013 -- people want to hear songs about partying, drinking, tailgates, trucks and stuff like that. Btu they also want to hear songs that matter and that remind them of their own lives. I've included a lot of those on this new record as well."

Fans who catch Owen out on the road this fall will get a sneak peak of the new tunes. A complete list of dates where he will be performing can be seen by going to www.jakeowen.net.