Keith Urban Experiments On Newly Released "Fuse" Album

Keith Urban has just released his seventh studio album Fuse, which features the two week #1 hit, "Little Bit Of Everything," a song which is also now Gold. Get to know more about his "process" for the creation of his experimental new record here!

"I knew it would take time to build an album in a different way," Urban says. "The stars aligned and it was the right time to experiment, have things not work and still be able to try again. I was ready for that journey. I didn't want to think in terms of any limitations on the songs—just honor the song and let them be what they want to be."

Urban indicates that he is pleased with the results of his experimentation. “I set out to make a different -sounding record,” he says, “and in the process found myself in completely unfamiliar, and at times uncomfortable, territory. But it all worked because at the core of everything that we did over the past few years were this group of songs—and I’m so grateful for them.”

Click here to download Fuse from iTunes. Click here to view the "Little Bit Of Everything" music video. Find more information on Keith Urban at One day sales projections are for Fuse to debut at #1 with over 110,000 copies sold.