Thomas Rhett and Rhett Akins Make Chart History As Family Is Responsible for Writing Half of the Top 10

It was a banner week last week for the Akins family as singer/songwriter Thomas Rhett and his songwriting father Rhett Akins combined to be a part of 1/2 of last week’s Top 10 hits in America. In this Exclusive, the family talks about their banner week, a first in the history of the chart.

Last week was a big week in the life of Thomas Rhett, as he experienced his first chart-topping hit as a songwriter when Florida Georgia Line took “Round Here” to No. 1. Not only did the accomplishment make Thomas Rhett and his co-writers (Rodney Clawson and Chris Tompkins) proud, but also his famous dad, Rhett Akins. 

Well both Thomas Rhett and Rhett had plenty of celebrating to do last week when they unknowingly stumbled into a little history making of their own. Between Rhett and Thomas Rhett, they were responsible for one half of Billboard and Mediabase’s Top 10 country singles. It was the first time in history that a family has written or recorded five of the Top 10 songs in the nation.

Besides Thomas Rhett having penned “Round Here,” he was the artist behind the No. 9 song, “It Goes Like This,” which was written by … you guessed it, Rhett Akins. The No. 10 song on the charts last week belonged to Lee Brice (“Parking Lot Party”), which both Akins’ took part in writing. To finish out the five songs, Rhett was a writer on both Justin Moore’s “Point At You” and Billy Currington’s “Hey Girl.”

“I knew what songs I had out on the charts, but I didn’t know they were that close together,” Rhett Akins tells Roughstock. “It wasn’t until I got a call from Tom Lutheran at our publishing company Sony/ATV saying congratulations. I was like ‘You’re kidding!?’ It was crazy. Nobody on earth can make that happen. That is God working His ways. Having it all line up like that is just unbelievable.”

This week all their songs continue to inch closer to No. 1, while Thomas Rhett is still the writer on the No. 1 song, seeing how Florida Georgia Line have locked in the top slot once again. Look for Thomas Rhett’s debut album, It Goes Like This, to hit stores on October 29.