Album Review: The Civil Wars - The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars stepped away from the height of their still-growing career last year but promised to still make one more album before heading into the sun. Well, here's that album. Is it on par with their Gold-selling, Grammy-winning first album Barton Hollow or does the album succomb to all of the turmoil?

That The Civil Wars is such a complete album is impressive when one knows the story of their discord. "Dust To Dust" and "Eavesdrop" are heartbreakingly beautiful while the bluegrass-y "The Devil's Backbone" and "Same Old Same Old" show that old-time melodies and vocals needn't feel 'old'. "From This Valley" might've had a chance to be a Country radio hit a couple of years ago, as it is the song will certainly have a chance to become a hit on the AAA and Adult Contemporary charts (the same can be said about lead single "The One That Got Away") while "Oh Henry" feels like a cousin of stuff from The Pistol Annies and Miranda Lambert and is quite a raw, ethereal feeling piece of acoustic country/blues.

The Civil Wars could be the final album that John Paul White and Joy Williams make together and if it is, I'm just happy we have a second studio album from the duo at all. They're both great and well-respected artists apart (John Paul is an oft-recorded songwriter while Joy's a successful solo artist) but together they make sweet, sweet, music. Here's hoping the duo can overcome whatever strife they have somewhere down the road to make another album as beautiful, relaxing and as strong as The Civil Wars.