Single Review: Dierks Bentley – I Hold On

With “I Hold On,” Dierks Bentley’s re-setting the stage for his upcoming album Riser. The previous single “Bourbon In Kentucky” didn’t really ignight at radio or digitally so that track was punted for this one. Take a look at our thoughts about this new single and then follow the link to watch the live performance of

With low booming bass lines and a percussive arena-rock melody backing up Dierks Bentley’s lyrics, “I Hold On” is the kind of song that showcases Dierks Bentley in a new way. Vocally he starts off sounding like the Dierks we’ve come to know, with his distinctive stylist vibe still intact. But as the story and melody progresses, Dierks builds up to a chorus that allows him to stretch his voice in ways he rarely did outside of his Up On A Ridge record.

The Chorus has a hook that is radio-friendly (which is something previous single “Bourbon In Kentucky” might not have had) and it allows Dierks the freedom to take a chance on the kind of percussive U2-ish song he’s obviously been influenced by. Traditionalists may write this off as Dierks chasing radio trends but quite honestly, he sounds like virtually nobody else on Country radio, this is a song that marries a little but of the Mumford/Lumineers/Phillips sound that has permeated Alternative Rock and some Pop markets with Dierks’ own lyrical stylistic approach.  

“I Hold On” is a strong lyrical song, a song which showcases the artistry of Dierks Bentley that sometimes gets dismissed when he’s chasing radio airplay but is held up when he records and release stuff that doesn’t. “I Hold On” is the kind of song that’s more ‘radio-ready’ than those critics may like but it’s also one that is nonetheless another strong radio-ready single that stands out all the same. 

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Watch Live Performance of “I hold On” here