Story Behind the Song: Gary Allan, "Pieces"

With Set You Free, Gary Allan has proven to be able to still deliver hit-worth singles. The star stylist followed up career hit "Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)" with "Pieces." In our latest Story Behind the Song, read on here to learn more about how Gary's second hit from Set You Free was written!

Odie Blackmon has a long history with Gary Allan, so it's no surprise that his name is on the singer's rising hit "Pieces." Blackmon co-wrote the tune with Allan, along with the multi-talented singer-songwriter Sarah Buxton.

"This was the only time the three of us had written together," Blackmon tells Roughstock. "We thought bringing Sarah in on a write might be a fun thing to do. She had a little piece of the verse and melody and the word 'pieces.' We all started talking about it and what it meant to us. None of us are young folks any more. We've all lived some life and we were talking about the pieces of our lives ... all the different pieces that has brought us to where we are today, whether they were good or bad pieces. I don't think in my early 20s I'd known that.
"Sarah started writing the melody on a piano," adds Blackmon. "But it took on a different life with Gary and I playing guitar. I was playing electric and Gary was playing acoustic. When we went in to demo the song, it took on a different life with more of a tempo and groove thing to it. I am so proud of the song and how everything fell into place with it becoming my second single for Gary."