Album Review: The Lacs - Keep It Redneck

On Keep It Redneck, the third album from Average Joes Entertainment's The Lacs, there is a wide-variety of sounds, all which are grounded in rural lifestyle lyrics themes and (mostly) Country-based sounds.

There are moments where crossover-ready songs like "Make Things Right" and "Get Lost" come across the album but what will surprise many is how strong the songwriting and production is. Bryan King and Clay Sharpe write strong songs married to strong productions from producers like Phivestarr , Noah Gordon, and Shannon Houchins. "Memory" is a song that is amongst the duo's best  songs as is "ReLacs," a song which showcases the burgeoning talent of Sarah Ross. Finally, Mud Digger 4's ""Field Party" is remixed to include this new culture's biggest star, Colt Ford and rising star JJ Lawhorn. 

Over the course of their three albums, The Lacs have grown exponentially. The duo of Brian King and Clay Sharpe are quite talented and on the forefront of a new sub genre that is much like modern music listening public's iPods, phones and mp3 players. Keep It Redneck feels much like those iPods traveling across parts of the American musical landscape with equal parts country, rock and of course rap. It's not for everyone, but neither is any sort of music and that's what's so appealing about Keep It Redneck. The Lacs know who they are and that's exactly what they sing and rap about throughout the album.

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