Single Review: Tim McGraw - Southern Girl

With "Southern Girl," Tim McGraw looks to go 4-4 with singles from his latest album, 2013's Big Machine Records debut Two Lanes of Freedom. Take a look here at why we think it's destined to join other similar hits from Tim McGraw's catalog of hits!

Tim McGraw's transition to McGraw Music/Big Machine Records has been a rocky ride in courtrooms thanks to his prior label but the Superstar's musical side has been anything but rocky since releasing "Truck Yeah" last year. That song went Gold and hit Top 10, was followed-up by the #1 Gold-selling "One Of Those Nights" and was followed most recently by a ride to #1 and Platinum (and more)-selling with "Highway Don't Care," a song featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. For the fourth single of his Big Machine Records career, Tim and the label have selected "Southern Girl," a song written by label mate Jaren Johnson (frontman for The Cadillac Three), Rodney Clawson and Lee Thomas Miller. 

Clearly following in the path of "Highway Don't Care"'s pop-leaning sound, "Southern Girl," issn't going to win any awards for lyrical originality but since when does every song have to be original with the lyrical theme? Instead what we have is a playful, modern "I Like It, I Love It," or "Something Like That," or "Felt Good On My Lips." In other words, Tim McGraw has been cutting songs which are catchy, sing-a-long, roll-the-windows-down songs throughout the majority of his career and as far as the song goes towards "pop" sounds, it still sounds like a Tim McGraw song and doesn't feel like it's a 'pop' song masquerading as a Country song because it isn't such a song (go listen to Pop music for an hour and tell me that anything but the electrified "Southern Girl" coda before the guitar solo would fit that playlist).

"Southern Girl" is the fourth strong single from Two Lanes Of Freedom, an album loaded with radio-ready hits (there are a potential 2-4 more hit singles on the record) and I have no doubt that it'll end up being an RIAA-certified hit single from one of the biggest stars to ever arrive on the scene.