LoCash Cowboys Reunite With “Man vs. Food” Star Adam Richman to Film Episode of New Travel Channel Series “Fandemonium”

In this exclusive to Roughstock, LoCash Cowboys’ Preston Brust discusses how he and Chris Lucas became to be friends with Man Vs. Food Nation host Adam Richman. The duo is now set to appear in the new Travel Channel series “Fandemonium” with Richman. Read on here for the exclusive news!

Back in 2011, LoCash Cowboys’ Preston Brust and Chris Lucas were the stars in the hotseat of the Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food Nation” when the show’s host, Adam Richman, challenged the singing duo to each throw down on a 72 oz. steak. While they “only” made their way through about 40 oz each, Brust and Lucas walked away from the challenge with a new friend in Richman.

This past weekend, LoCash and Richman were reunited in Manhattan, Kansas at the Country Stampede festival where the singing stars were part of the all-star lineup. Following their performance, which also included a special moment where LoCash asked members of the military to join them on stage to thank them for their services overseas, Richman once again put Brust and Lucas in the spotlight while filming a show for his new original series for the Travel Channel called “Fandemonium.”

In the episode, Richman spent time with the duo grilling venison burgers and pork chops backstage the LoCash way! The three had plenty of laughs while filming, which included talking about the challenge two years ago that made them not crave steak for quite a while!

“Adam Richman is one of our best bros,” Brust tells Roughstock. “Country Stampede in Manhattan, KS was the perfect setting for all of us to hang out, cook out, rock out onstage together, shoot a new TV show, tip back some cold ones and laugh about how a 72 oz steak kicked our butts back in Nashville on ‘Man vs. Food!’”

Adam Richman’s “Fandemonium,” which will include the episode featuring LoCash, is set to premiere this fall on the Travel Chanel. The series explores the extremes that superfans will pursue in order celebrate their passion.