Story Behind the Song: Martina McBride - "Blessed"

Three of Nashville's "Music City Hitmakers" co-wrote "Blessed," a #1 hit for Martina McBride and we were recently able to sit down and talk exclusively with the song's co-writer Troy Verges about the creation of Martina's hit from 2002. Find out how they came to write the tune here!

"'Blessed' was the second song I had go to No. 1," Verges tells Roughstock. "We wrote it in Hillary's old apartment that she rented in Nashville. Brett and I had written 'Who I Am' [for Jessica Andrews], and that was the first song that really blew up for us. It got so much attention. It was like, 'What's so different about this song?' It's not a love song, so I was on this kick about writing songs that aren't just love songs.

There's not that many of them, so people respond to them. That was in my head for a while, and it still is. If you can do that ... write a song that's not a love song, it's a way to stand out a little bit. 'Blessed' is a love song, but it's not a romantic love song. Part of it is, but it's about celebrating life. 

"I was a massive Martina fan," adds Verges. "She's just at the top of her game as far as singers go. To hear her sing that song was incredible. After you have one No. 1 song, it's like, 'Well I did it! Am I going to have another one? Is this even real? Can I keep doing this?' So that was a lot of fun. Brett and Hillary are two of my best friends. We're like a family. To be able to have that with them made it extra special. I feel super fortunate."