Single Review: Danielle Bradbery - The Heart Of Dixie

Not wasting any time at getting her debut single out to retail and radio, Danielle Bradbery's "The Heart of Dixie" is a pleasant surprise for us as "The Voice" Season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery's natural twang isn't suppressed. Instead, it's encouraged while performing this modern story song about second chances.

Throughout the course of NBC's fourth season of "The Voice," Danielle Bradbery grew by leaps and bounds without sacrificing her natural Traditional Country twang. Despite this, most onlookers wouldn't have been surprised to see her debut single sounding more like what's prevalent on the radio: hard rock guitars, songs about trucks and dirt roads yet here we are with "The Heart of Dixie" and it's nothing like that. Produced by Brett James, "The Heart Of Dixie" finds Danielle Bradbery in her element, with plenty of fiddle guitars, banjos, accordions and mandolins audibly in the mix giving the song a sense of elegance that immediately rises it above the typical songs vying for radio airplay in the summer of 2013.

Lyrically, "The Heart Of Dixie" (written by James, Caitlyn Smith and Troy Verges) telling a story of a woman who was going through the motions with a dead-end job and a barely there alcoholic husband whose departure allows Dixie to leave for greener pastures of a new life. It's a modern story song with a built-in visual music video ready to be filmed. In some ways, it feels like a more modern "Is There Life Out There" and that's not a bad thing at all.

As stated in the first paragraph above, it'd have been easy for Danielle Bradbery's record label to marry her to a song with a sound that suits what's 'now' but instead they went with a timeless arrangement and vocal delivery and it showcases Bradberry at her best and as a performer with all the talent in the world, she sings "The Heart Of Dixie" with the confidence of someone who is twice her age (she's nearly 17 at the time of this review) and it leaves me excited to hear what she has in store for her full-length debut album, due in stores later this year.