Chuck's Corner: Sexy Country Songs

It’s said that Country Music has a lot of classic lyrics about drinking, Mama, and pickup trucks. While this is true, Country Music also has it's share of sultry and sexy songs. And here, in this first edition of Chuck's Corner, he takes us on a walk through the sexy side of Country Music's history!

 It’s said that Country Music has a lot of classic lyrics about drinking, Mama, and pickup trucks. Well, that might be true, but I would dare say that many of the format’s greatest songs concern themselves with those special moments that take between a woman and a man. Whether it be a sweet celebration of a relationship – or forbidden love, Country Music has enjoyed some very sexy performances over the years. Here’s ten of my favorite mood setters. I might be leaving some out, but this is in no way a definitive list – except for one. I have separated this in two groups – male and female artists, and have tried to space the picks out chronologically. See what you think.....

Male Artists/Vocalists:

“Feels So Right,” Alabama – Randy Owen’s lead vocals on this song made many fans’ hearts go a’flutter in the 1981 – and with good reason. The lyrics were drenched with as much humidity as a summer day in South Georgia.

“My Favorite Memory,” Merle Haggard – “The Hag” might not qualify as a sex symbol to some, but I’ve always thought this song was the most sensual and romantic that the legend ever cut. From making love in the hallway, sleeping on the floor, and romantic trips to Lake Shasta, what’s not to love?

“You’re So Good When You’re Bad,” Charley Pride – Back in 1971, Ben Peters penned the classic “Kiss An Angel Good Morning.” In 1982, he gave Pride what happens when that angel gets a little frisky. Pride dug in, and gave the song a passionate performance – earning yet another number one record.

“This Ain’t No Love Song,” Trace Adkins – OK, maybe the video has a little something to do with this, as Trace’s video vixen was very fetching. Be that as it may, the lyrics about driving around late at night because you can’t get your significant other out of your mind struck a chord. Then again, it might have been the video!

“Alone With You,” Jake Owen – He knows he shouldn’t be with her. He knows that it’s probably not the best idea. But, some people just don’t take no for an answer – and some people just can’t say no!

Female Artists/Vocalists

“When It’s Just You And Me,” Dottie West – This song was not a huge hit – peaking at # 19 in 1977, but Kenny O’Dell’s lyrics about two unlikely people coming together when nobody else is looking defines romantic – at least to my ears.

“If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don’t Want To Be Right),” Barbara Mandrell – Without a doubt, IMHO – the sexiest three minutes to ever come out of Nashville. Mandrell seduced the listener from the beginning notes of the Luther Ingram classic – and notice on the lyric “Am I wrong to hunger,” she says “hunga.” Still turns me to putty thirty-five years later!

“I Wonder,” Rosanne Cash – This 1982 top ten gave Rosanne Cash a chance to play the jazz chanteuse, and she aptly handled it well. While the sound of the record makes you think of Patsy Cline or Brenda Lee, once Cash begins singing, this record becomes hers!

“Breathe,” Faith Hill – From the very evocative verses that seem to simmer to the chorus that hooks you in, the record definitely intrigued the minds of men----and maybe a few women too. And, there was a video!

“I May Hate Myself In The Morning,” Lee Ann Womack – Just like the Mandrell cut above, sometimes knowing you don’t need the other person in your life makes the prospect that much more alluring. While the singer isn’t proud of what she’s doing, she isn’t exactly running away from it, either. Sounds like a 1981 episode of “Dallas,” and if you know me, that’s not a bad thing!