Story Behind The Song: Darius Rucker – Radio

Darius Rucker’s follow-up to the biggest hit of his career, “Wagon Wheel,” is an equally ear-pleasing song that’s a love song to both what’s played on the radio and what listening to the radio means to them. In this Exclusive for Roughstock, Darius’ co-writer Luke Laird discusses how the song was written.

“Ashley and I actually flew out to Jacksonville when Darius was out on the Lady Antebellum tour,” Laird tells Roughstock. “We met up with him out there, and we wrote it with him on his tour bus. Later we flew back to Nashville. We were back in Nashville at like six o’clock that night [laughs]! We just took a couple of different ideas that we had. We didn’t have this one developed too much. My truck at the time was this Nissan Frontier truck, and it was getting older, but the radio was still pretty good. Then Darius was talking about the car that he drove in high school, but he was talking about the radio. So we literally wrote a song called ‘Radio.’ 

“As we were writing it, I was thinking, ‘Man … this would actually sound pretty good on the radio,’” laughs Laird. “We had a good time writing it. It was the first song that I had written with Darius. He is a super nice guy and is very talented. And Ashley Gorley … I think he literally has nine or 10 songs on the charts right now [laughs]. He has so many! I’ve known him for a long time. We are pretty close to the same age, so we kind of relate on a lot of stuff.”