Single Review: Luke Bryan - That's My Kind Of Night

For the follow-up to "Crash My Party," the title track to Luke Bryan's soon-to-be-released album, the country star and his record label (Capitol) have chosen to release "That's My Kind Of Night," a bundle of rhythmic high energy. Continue on here to see what we think of the single.

Note: This "single image is not offical single artwork. It was created by Roughstock to go along with this review. 

From the opening "Another One Bites The Dust"-like deep bass line and percussion, it's easy to see that "That's My Kind Of Night" is going to continue Luke Bryan's rhythmic style. Basically, "That's My Kind Of Night" is a Country song that mixes in a whole lotta modern pop melody with lyrics that are basically all about a pick-up approach for a guy to get the girl. Instead of wanting to get her all wild and rocking Luke Bryan's all about getting the girl out in the country and at a slower pace.

Yes, the song pulls references to T-Pain and Conway (though you'd be forgiven if you thought he said "Kanye" instead). There are references about how cool his big, black truck with a diamond plate tailgate is but that's all in service of the Chorus which is meant to do exactly what "That's My Kind of Night" does; become another device to get Luke Bryan's sizable female fan base up and shaking their derrieres at concerts or at bars (and for Luke to do the same thing while out on tour). 

As one of the artists on the forefront of the whole current country dance craze that has infiltrated country radio with loads of rhythmic songs, Luke Bryan certainly is set to keep his place. The rhythmic "That's My Kind of Night" will please Luke's fans while also perhaps serving as the gateway drug for new fans to discover Luke and modern Country Music, which may just be to the  detriment of Luke's earliest fans who may just not like the direction his career is heading. 

All of that being sad, I've long admitted to being a child of Pop music (which holds just as much sway on my ears as the 90s Country of my teen years) and as such, even though my heart is in that 90's Country music, I like "That's My Kind Of Night" for what it is, a fun jukebox and party playlist-ready track that is gamefully performed by Luke Bryan.