Album Review: The Roys - Gypsy Runaway Train

The Roys are back with thier third album for Rural Rhythm Records. The album mixes six originals and seven covers, a collection which they proclaim was inspired by the fans wishing for the duo's renditions of the classic and original tunes. Read our review of Gypsy Runaway Train here.

The duo's version of Bluegrass bellwether "Blue Moon of Kentucky" showcases the strong soprano voice of Eliane while Lee's harmonies provide just the right amount of High Lonesone vocals needed for the standard while "You Can Count On My Love" feels like a lost track from Dolly Parton's The Grass Is Blue sessions as Elaine has never sounded better than she does on these two tracks.

With Fathers Day coming in a couple weeks, "Another Minute" is a great song to add to the Father's Day Playlist of 2013, a great song about a Grandfather who meant the world to Lee Roy. There was a time that songs like this were considered Country and not Bluegrass and hopefully when the time comes again, some smart band covers the song as it's one of the best-written and heartfelt songs of 2013. "Workin' On It" is about a man who knows his faults but also is working to take care of them to be the best man he can be, even when it comes to matters of the heart.

The original songs were recorded with producer/musician Andy Leftwich while the cover songs were produced and recorded by The Roys with their touring band. Everything about Gypsy Runaway Train is enjoyable and with the audible evolution of The Roys music from three years ago 'til now, there's no doubting that their rise to the top of the Bluegrass circuit is well-deserved and worthy of continuing with the album.