Album Review: Lonestar - Life As We Know It

With Life As We Know It, the core foursome that made-up Lonestar during the majority of the past 20 years returns with their first self-produced, self-written and self-released album via their own 4Star Record label. Take a look here to see what we have to say about the band's return, in this, the quartet's 20th year of

After a few years apart and working on separate projects, Lonestar and Richie McDonald re-teamed to bring the band's core four member artists back together. To be honest, the quartet of Richie McDonald, Dean Sams, Keech Rainwater, and Michael Britt were always better together than apart. For their Life As We Know It, the band has self-produced the album and it features a dozen tracks, of which only three were not written by the band. 

Life As We Know It features the band's trademark ballads like "With My Eyes Open," "Maybe Someday" and the title track along with clever tempo tunes like "The Countdown" and "How Can She Be Everywhere" being mixed with uptempo party songs like "Oh Yeah," "Party All Day" and "I Did It For The Girl" (Not to be confused with Greg Bates similarly-titled hit).  The album's production is top-notch and showcases the band's tight harmonies.

These songs don't set new precedents but Life As We Know It is Lonestar as fans have come to know them, they're as Mainstream as they've ever been but also have moved on from the 'sippy cup' type of songs that sort of derailed the quartet's career with radio. "Maybe Someday" was a moderate hit from the album and is emotive much like the title track which talks about the realities of life while "If It Wasn't For You" and "I Miss When" are strong tracks which feel like radio-ready hits (as does the whole record, really) while "How Can She Be Everywhere" feels like the biggest hit waiting to happen for the band in years. It's the kind of fun, rockin' party song the band started off with when releasing "No News" years ago.  

Life As We Know It is a strong collection of songs from Lonestar. One that gives the band's fans an exciting look into the new chapter in the band's career with their own label (4Star Records) and renewed energy towards crafting another 20 years in the business. This album is a very good start towards those next 20 years.