Single Review: Toby Keith – Drinks After Work

Toby Keith is the last of Country Music’s stars to routinely deliver a full album of new music every year. “Drinks After Work” represents Toby Keith’s lead single from his upcoming 2013 album release. Read on here to see if it has enough to suggest that Toby Keith will be returning to the Top 10 or higher.

With “Drinks After Work,” Toby Keith does something that he rarely does these days, he’s cut a track that he didn’t have a hand in writing. But when you look back at the recent times where he cut tracks which weren’t written by him, he’s had quite a bit of success.  So releasing this Natalie Hemby, Luke Laird and Barry Dean written tune isn’t totally outta character. 

The melody is the most ‘pop-leaning’ melody Toby has probably ever released but there’s no replacing Toby’s voice or using vocal effects. Instead the production keeps the infectious melody grounded in Country Music with the playful everyman lyrics something that Toby can certainly connect with. “Drinks After Work” was written for the younger, just-getting-started or hard-working-but-underpaid crowd and it certainly is relatable. 

Sure, it might be easy to picture this one being performed by someone like Lee Brice or Eli Young Band and feeling it might work better but Toby Keith is one of Country Music’s most-successful anchor artists and it is always great to have him singing the kind of song here. 

“Drinks After Work” is the most relevant Toby Keith’s sounded at Country Radio in quite some time. He might’ve scored hits here or there but he understands the ‘game’ that an artist must be able to play at Country radio from time to time and this one truly feels like his own “Pontoon” of sorts (as well it should since it was written by the same writing team) and there’s no way “Drinks After Work” isn’t a massive hit this summer for Toby Keith. It’s a can’t-miss single.