The Country Songs of The Summer Playlist For 2013: Vote For The Song of The Summer!

It’s summertime and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share our 25 Songs of the Summer Playlist for 2013 (in no particular order). After seeing our list, we want you to select your favorite song from this list and we’ll reveal the ‘winner’ of the song of the summer for YOU, the fans!

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“Jump Right In” Zac Brown Band

The perfect song to start off a summer party playlist, one of the most melodic, infectious tunes we’ve heard from the past five years and one of Zac Brown Band’s best to date.

“Parking Lot Party” – Lee Brice

Summer songs are all about feeling good and being able to sing-a-long. This one, the first tempo song from Lee Brice’s Hard 2 Love album. It’s just good ‘ol fun.

“Could It Be” – Charlie Worsham

The debut single from Charlie Worsham, it’s one of 12 GREAT songs off of his upcoming Rubberband album that mixes influences but never strays from Charlie’s Kentucky Bluegrass/Country roots. This one is a mid-tempo about the beginnings of love. 

“Don’t Ya” – Brett Eldredge

Finally, a break-out hit for one of Nashville’s best voices. “Don’t Ya” doesn’t really show-off Brett’s voice but he does get to have a lot of fun singing about a girl who knows what she does to guys with her self-made cutoffs and dance moves.

“Beat This Summer” – Brad Paisley

One of Brad Paisley’s most-fun and ‘current’ singles in years. The instruments sound like loops but are creatively made with Traditional Country instruments. It’s a song about the best summer ever so it must be on this list.

“Chillin’ It” – Cole Swindell

Yes, it sounds like a Florida Georgia Line song but that’s ok because he’s one of their buddies (and also the co-writer of Craig Campbell’s “Outta My Head.”) It’s a feel-good summer song that is gaining a lot of attention for Cole, who as of yet hasn’t signed a record deal.

“Round Here” – Florida Georgia Line

Speaking of Florida Georgia Line, no party album would be complete w/o this song, their latest hit off of Here’s To The Good Times (a party album).

“Barefoot Bluejean Night” – Jake Owen (Dee Jay Silver Remix)

This remix breathes new life into Jake’s massive break-out hit from 2011 (and makes it eligible to be on our list). We know Jake’s coming with something new soon but it’s not out yet so it’s not eligible for this playlist.

“Wagon Wheel” – Darius Rucker

A seminal hit from the South, a song that wasn’t exactly fresh or new to those of us who have heard a plethora of bar bands cover the Bob Dylan/O.C.M.S original from 2004. Darius lovingly recreates the song with a little mainstream ‘slickness’ but really, it’s about the most traditional thing on Country radio these days. It’s a fun song and certainly a good summer song.

“I Want Crazy” – Hunter Hayes

We couldn’t keep a Hunter Hayes track off this list. And why would we? “I Want Crazy” is a fun, youthful ball of energy which finds Double H singing about the things he wants out of a relationship, a relationship that should never be boring or ‘normal’.

“Little Bit Of Everything” – Keith Urban

Keith Urban? Summer? Yep. Little Bit of Everything fits the bill here with Keith’s trademark summery, melodic ear worm sound.

“The Booze Cruise” – Blackjack Billy

This party song about a party boat is currently challenging Cole Swindell’s “Chillin’ It” for most-surprising hit of 2013 (with only SiriusXM playing the tune). We’ve certainly found it an interesting mix of fun. 

“Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” – Randy Houser

Randy Houser may never have had a hit quite like “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight.” It’s making his last hit “How Country Feels” seem like a thing from the distant past as “Moonlight” has become his fastest-selling, fastest-rising hit and listening to it, it’s easy to see why. It’s just that good.

“IF You Want Some” – Joel Crouse

The definition of of fun, a party song that is melodic, youthful, cheerful, playful, and just plain sing-a-long ready. It’s gonna be EPIC!

“It Goes Like This” – Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett’s summertime single fits a summer playlist for all of its sing-a-long goodness.

“DONE.” – The Band Perry

Attitude and pure fun, Not a party song in the traditional sense but I guarantee more than a few girls are gonna rock-out and sing-a-long with a cold one in their hand.

“RED” – Taylor Swift

One of the better songs from her album of the same name, it’s also one of the few that fits a Country music playlist. 

“Point At You” – Justin Moore

Justin Moore shows off his vocal range a little bit here and delivers another stand-out hit. It’s tempo and fun and well, that’s what it takes to be on this list.

“Wild In Your Smile” – Dustin Lynch

The most infectious song on DL’s debut album, “Wild In Your Smile” may just beginning its radio run but it’s most certainly deserving of the placement here.

“Aw Naw” – Chris Young

Only six weeks old “Aw Naw” is already Top 30 on the Country radio charts. It’s a fun song about a guy who knows he should go home but somehow ends up staying out and having a good time. Kinda like many a summer evening where ‘go out for a couple drinks’ turns into 5 hours of good times and great vibes.

“See You Again” – Carrie Underwood

Perhaps the most poignant lyric on this list, It’s also sing-a-long worthy for the whoa-oh-oh-oh-ohs in the chorus.

“Crash My Party” – Luke Bryan

Yes, Luke Bryan’s mid-tempo hit earned a slot on this list, though we easily could’ve gone with “Spring Break” album’s “Buzzkill” instead.

“All Over The Road” – Easton Corbin

A reminder that traditional country-leaning songs still are worthy of and are capable of being songs of the summer.

“Hey Girl” – Billy Currington

One of the most catchy songs of this summer.

“Sunny And 75″ – Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols’ most ‘current’ sounding single, it’s already Top 30 after just 7 weeks. It’s easy to see this song about a girl who makes his life feel like it’s sunny and warm all the time becoming a huge hit and definitely worthy of this list.

Well, there they Our 25 songs for the summer of 2013. Below is the poll to choose your favorite from the list. The winning song will be crowned Roughstock’s “Song of the Summer 2013″ so vote early, vote often. Voting ended. Vote for the Winner of the Top 5 here.