Single Review: Craig Morgan - Wake Up Lovin' You

Craig Morgan's brand new single is "Wake Up Lovin' You," a song that could be among the best of his career. Take a look here to see what we think of the artist's lead single from his upcoming 2nd album for Black River Entertainment here!  

Passionately performed, "Wake Up Lovin' You" is the kind of song with the lyrics that all women want to hear from their guys and the kind of song guys play for their girls so they know how they really feel, since they cannot find the words themselves. In this song, Craig Morgan sings with a nice sing-song-y melodic verse structure and then enhances how much he loves his lady with the chorus which is passionately vocalized. It's a powerful mid to uptempo ballad with an equally engaging musical arrangement (produced by Craig Morgan and Phil O'Donnell).

As stated above, "Wake Up Lovin' You" (written by Josh Osborne, Matt Ramsey, and Trevor Rosen) is clearly one of Craig Morgan's best singles to date, if not the best of his career and he's never sounded any better or more passionate on a song than here. If this song's not a big radio hit, I'd be surprised.