Story Behind The Song: Dustin Lynch – Wild In Your Smile

With “Cowboys And Angels” and “She Cranks My Tractor,” Dustin Lynch has crafted music that cleraly has made an impact on fans, with each song showing different sides to the singer. In this exclusive to Roughstock, discover how Lynch’s new single was created by the songwriters.

Dustin Lynch is gearing up for the release of his next single, “Wild In Your Smile” [read lyrics here]. Roughstock recently sat down with 2/3 of The Peach Pickers — Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip — to discuss the song they cowrote with Marv Green.

“That day we came in, and we were trying to write a tempo song,” Hayslip tells Roughstock. “We didn’t have anybody in mind when we wrote it and didn’t have an idea. Somebody threw out the idea, ‘Wild In Your Smile.’”

“I think you said something about ‘smile,’ and I think I put in the ‘wild’ part,” Akins adds. “The song is about a guy picking up a girl for a date, and on the surface, she’s real sweet looking. Pretty girl … daddy’s girl, but he can tell by her smile that she’s got a wild side to her, even though she comes off as this good little angel.

“Dustin, in the song, is basically saying let’s get a little dangerous tonight,” Akins continues. “Let’s not do the normal of going to a movie and dinner date, let’s ride around, maybe hit this party, and if that’s not happening, then me and you can have a party. It’s going to be more than just your average date because he can tell this girl’s is up for doing anything and getting crazy … as long as she’s home by 10 [laughs]!”