Album Review: Trace Adkins – Love Will…

Trace Adkins has long been praised for his ability to deliver impactful songs and with this new album to be released on May 14, 2013, Trace Adkins delivers. It’s an album that rivals the best work of his career. Read on here to see why we think it holds that distinction.

“When I Stop Loving You,” “Say No To A Woman, and “Right Now” are both tempo-filled tracks worthy of being potential radio hits for the superstar but if you were to ask me which tempo track on Love Will… on this record would probably connect the best with Country radio programmers, it would be “Every One Of You.”  It’s a smart song which finds Trace singing about everything he loves about the woman in his life. Hint: it’s everything, every side and ‘personality’ she may have, including “the good, the bad, the funny, the stormy, the sad and sunny…the moody, the sane, the crazy.”  Another standout tempo tune is the smart updated cover of “Kiss You All Over.” The update is even smarter for keeping the original band Exile on the track as a defacto ‘duet’ (though more than one of Exile’s members sing lead vocals on the track in addition to Trace.”

Being a record that covers matters of the heart, it does feature its fair share of ballads, including “Come See Me,” “So What If I Do,” and “If The Sun Comes Up” (originally featured on the Act of Valor soundtrack). As good as all of these songs are, and they are, “The Altar of Your Love,” “Love Will” and “Watch The World End” are by far the highlights of Love Will…. “Altar” is a song that finds Trace singing about how the woman of his life is all he needs to get through each day and night, “I was lost but now I’ve found, the place to lay my burdens down, at the altar of your love.” The title track closes out the record. There’s a nice orchestral feel to the track in the background which adds to the epic nature of the lyric of the song. “Love Will,” features a great steel guitar solo in the middle of this solo as the Harlem Gospel Choir joins in the final verse and chorus of the track.  “Watch The World End,” rivals the best songs of Trace’s career. It’s a passionate vocal from the baritone vocalist with Colbie Caillat providing the right harmonic balance to Trace. 

Love Will… may be seen as a song that’s all about matters of the heart but it’s really not a stretch for most artists to record an album full of such songs and in reality, most songs are about some kind of love or romantic angle and Trace Adkins is all for the better for delivering an album that’s up front about this. Love Will… is among his best work and here’s hoping it finds multiple radio hits for Trace and his label Show Dog Universal, the album certainly deserves it.