Single Review: Lauren Alaina - Barefoot and Buckwild

Lauren Alaina's debut album was consistently sweet and was in many ways stronger than it had any right to be (given how rushed a production it was). Now given time to make her sophomore album, the now 18 year old lays the gauntlet down with a song that is perhaps the most unexepected and instant hit of the year.


Written by Alaina, Chris DeStefano (who is on quite a roll lately on the charts) and Jon Nite ("Glass"), "Barefoot and Buckwild" has a lot of attitude but not so much that Lauren loses any sense of that charming cuteness that brought her to the forefront in the place. Instead, it's like we're hearing a younger Sarah Buxton come into her own, flowering into a fierce artist that can compete with each and every other female artist in the mainstream. If Kelly Clarkson were starting out now as a new Mainstream Country Music artist, she'd probably sound quite a bit like this one (that's a compliment).

If Lauren Alaina recorded more songs with this much sass and attitude, she should find herself flying up the charts with her sophomore album. Lauren's first album was all about introductions and showcased brief glimpses of the artist she is on this song but I don't think anyone was prepared for how fierce and powerful "Barefoot and Buckwild" is.