ABC TV Renews "Nashville"; Cancels "Malibu Country"

The 2012-2013 TV schedule featured two television programs with Country Music as part of their plots. Today, we learned that after one season only one of those shows would be returning in 2013 and it's not the show starring Reba.

The 2012-2013 television season featured quite a bit of new programming that centered on Country music,. One, "Nashville," a fictionalized serial set in Nashville about the stars and citizens of the city while the other, "Malibu Country," is a fictionalized sitcom set around a retired country singer divorcee and her family. 

Unfortunately for Reba and her co-stars of "Malibu Country" they will not be returning in 2013 as the show was cancelled after not attracting enough viewers on Friday nights. Meanwhile, "Nashville," which features a boatload of "Country Music" and is actually filmed in the city, will return for a second season, thanks to decent ratings on Wednesday nights and also the success of that music.