EP Review: Angie Johnson - Sing For You

With Sing For You former NBC "The Voice" contestant Angie Johnson makes her debut with a strong four song collection that is anchored by the title track which was co-written by Angie Johnson with Catt Gravitt and Sing For You producer Josh Leo. Read on to see our thoughts about the recording here

After performing a pitch-perfect cover of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" on YouTube, Angie Johnson garnered a lot of buzz and eventually landed on Cee-Lo Green's team for season two. From there she garnered a following and started a Kickstarter campaign which was successfully funded, allowing her to begin the work on this EP. Before finishing off Sing For You, Angie was signed to Sony Music Nashville who is releasing the EP and what a great collection of four songs it is. Sing For You kicks off with "Grandpa's Farm," a slice of Country/Soul that instantly showcases Angie's roots while "Run Away" finds the vocalist ably performing a track reminiscent of tunes performed by artists like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.  

As good as those two songs are, the clear standouts are two songs co-written by Angie, the title track "Sing For You" [LISTEN HERE]and the closing, attitude-filled "Swagger." Written with Catt Gravitt and her producer Josh Leo, "Sing For You" is a powerful, emotional ballad about helping a person with PTSD get out of their head for a little bit through the power of a song. It's also a song that will certainly hit home for anyone who has lost loved ones or friends as well.  "Swagger" -- written with Leo and Phoenix Mendoza -- is playful, flirty and fun all the while giving a Pop-leaning, attitude-filled ballad that is easy to like. 

Sing For You is a strong short EP which showcases where Angie Johnson is going to be going with her full-length debut that will be released some time later on. Until then, we'll have these strong tracks that showcase a vocalist ready to take Country Music by storm with all the emotion, attitude and 'swagger' needed to be one of the top female Country Music artists.