Single Review: Lee Brice – Parking Lot Party

With “Parking Lot Party,” Lee Brice is finally releasing an uptempo tune off of Hard 2 Love, his breakthrough album which features Platinum & Gold-selling #1 singles “A Woman Like You,” “Hard To Love” and “I Drive Your Truck.” Take a look here to see what we think of Brice’s new summertime party tune.

“Parking Lot Party” could seem at first glance to be just another party song that we’ve already heard fourteen billion times in the past year. Yes, they mention trucks, beer, and girls, but it’s still possible to get a good song out of that concept — just ask Kip Moore. In any event, “Parking Lot Party” does bring some solid imagery and clever lines to the table, including “We’ve got 24 tall boys on the chill / Yeah, 14 of ‘em’s mine.” The production is loud, but in a rockin’ kind of way that adds energy, not a boring Dann Huff wall-of-sound way, and Brice’s rough-edged vocal is full of charm. He sounds like he’s really having fun at this party.

With Tim McGraw moved to Big Machine, Curb now has time to focus on another artist on its roster. I could go on about how frequently Curb has mismanaged careers, but Lee Brice is continuing to win me over with every song he puts out there. And “Parking Lot Party” is yet another reason why I would love for Curb to finally get on the ball and keep an artist in the black for years to come.