David Nail Set To Release New Music This Fall; New Single “Whatever She Wants” Out Now

David Nail’s new single “Whatever She’s Got” was just sent to Country Radio. The singer of #1 hit “Let It Rain” and Top 5 hit “Red Light,” Nail’s known for delivering ‘sad’ songs but he says his upcoming album is more upbeat, as evidenced by “Whatever She’s Got. Read on here to hear more from David.

Nail says, “This record for starters, I can’t really say how it’s different without saying that I, myself am different.  Therefore the music naturally formed its own life.” Liddell adds, “This record is a happy record and reflects to me, where he is in his life.”

Nail dedicates the song to his wife of four years, Catherine, as the song reminded him of the first time they met.  “I still to this day don’t know what she has,” Nail says, “but I know that I like it….whatever it is.”

To see behind the scenes footage of David Nail in the studio recording “Whatever She’s Got” click here.
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