The Weekly Single Recap - May 31, 2013: Cole Swindell, Dierks Bentley, Gwen Sebastian & More

This week, our regular writer of The Weekly Single Report, Chuck Dauphin is under the weather. So our Editor taken the reigns for our weekly quick-hit single reviews of songs from artists like Restless Heart, Cole Swindell, Gwen Sebastian, Dakota Bradley, Dierks Bentley & More.

Restless Heart - "Memphis Rain" (Legacy Recordings)

Classic vocals from Restless Heart. Recalls the band's best hits without sounding to outtaplace for today's airwaves. 

Cole Swindell - "Chillin' It" (Independent)

Currently getting a lot of love from SiriusXM's The Highway, Swindell's "Chillin' It" finds the songwriter of Craig Campbell's "Outta My Head" ready to stake his own claim to the charts with a song that's similar to offerings from Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line but it'd be nice to see a little more originality from the talented newcomer.

Gwen Sebastian - "Suitcase" (Flying Island)

One of the most original lyrics you're likely to hear on Country Radio in 2013, "Suitcase" also shows off Gwen Sebastian's strong vocals. A voice primed for stardom. 

Dakota Bradley - "Somethin' Like Somethin'" (StreamSound)

This talented young artist has some heavyweights in his corner including Tim McGraw and Streamsound Records owner/Producer Byron Gallimore. As for his first single, it's a youthful fun summer-time ready single and showcases a lot of promise in Bradley.

Weston Burt - "Lucky Sometimes" (HitStop Records)

Vocally talented, Burt's debut single is a tasty confection of contemporary Country music that actually sounds like a country song with banjos, fiddles and mandolins audibly in the mix. 

Dierks Bentley "Bourbon In Kentucky" (Capitol Nashville)

This is the kind of song Dierks Bentley was born to sing. It marries a lyric that's high and lonesome with a more 'modern' sound but not so modern that you are tricked into thinking your 'not' listening to a County song.

Billy Yates - "Only One George Jones" (M.O.D. Records)

The title track from Yates' latest collection of traditional Country songs, "Only One George Jones" is the perfect tribute to the legacy of the late Great George Jones by one of the last true blue Country singers still actively working.