Story Behind The Song - James Wesley's "Thank A Farmer"

James Wesley's new single "Thank A Farmer" took off after Dodge's Ram Trucks advert "God Made A Farmer" was America's favorite new commercial spot. The song, however, was written before the commercial. Read on here to learn how Josh Thompson and Dustin Lynch came to write the tune!

Josh Thompson is quickly building a name for himself in the country music world, not just as a talented singer and entertainer, but also for his penmanship when it comes to crafting unique and brilliant songs. Thompson's name is credited to several album cuts with Jason Michael Carroll ("Growing Up Is Getting Old"), Jason Aldean ("Church Pew or Bar Stool"), Gary Allan ("Tough Goodbye") and Brad Paisley ("A Man Don't Have to Die"), and now he can add one more to that list: James Wesley's new hit on the rise, "Thank a Farmer."

"I wrote 'Thank a Farmer' with Steve Bogard and Dustin Lynch," Thompson tells Roughstock. "Dustin came in the room with an idea he saw. You know how church signs always have some kind of saying on them? He saw something like 'Don’t forget to thank a farmer' on a church sign. It hit him at the moment, and he wrote it down. He mentioned something about it, and I loved the idea. We decided to run with it. Really from there on out, it was pretty easy. I think it took two or three hours, and it was good." 

Following the much talked about 2013 Super Bowl commercial about farmers, Wesley's record label decided to pull the trigger on cutting the track and releasing it as the singer's new single. "We wrote before the Super Bowl commercial," notes Thompson. "It’s funny because the day after the Super Bowl is when I heard something from Broken Bow about them wanting to do a song that kind of coincides with that commercial. They had heard ‘Thank a Farmer,’ and they said, ‘We love this thing … we think we’re going to do something with it.’ Low and behold, it’s James Wesley’s single. I’m excited about it."

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