Album Review: The Statesboro Revue - Ramble On Privilege Creek

The Statesboro Revue are - quite frankly - a revelation of a band. Previously unknown to us, there's not a bad song to be found on this album and it rivals the best of anything put out the past four or five years.

Sometimes being a 'tastemaker' can be tough. You have to slog through thousands of band releases that are neither good or even worth your time (which is usually easily decided by badly written bios, poorly constructed album artwork and poorly produced albums) to get to bands like The Statesboro Revue. Quite simply. Everything about Ramble On Privilege Creek is worthy of talking about. and there's nothing on their delicious new album that doesn't tickle my ears' fancy.

From the Americana instrumentals to the strong lead vocals of  Stewart Mann - who fronts the band with brother Garrett Mann, The Statesboro Revue make music without worry for mainstream radio cons sessions (songs like "Half Mile To Lincoln" feel like long lost Elton John/Bernie Taupin classics) while "Fade My Shade To Black" [listen here] recalls The Black Crowes similar power and verve. "Isabella" is an exquisite little tune that is rootsy and melodic and just damn brilliant. The band's stories are strong, the vocals are top notch and the performances from the band are the kind that reminded me of Zac Brown Band and Connor Christian and Southern Gothic.  

The Statesboro Revue are a band that deserves any and all attention they achieve. They create music that is real, rootsy and fits somewhere on the same sphere as Zac Brown Band, Mumford and Sons, The Avett Brothers, Shovels & Rope, and The Lumineers. Do yourself a favor and go buy Ramble On Privilege Creek and be prepared to be blown away. I was.