Story Behind The Song: Tyler Farr – “Redneck Crazy”

In this Exclusive interview with Roughstock, Tyler Farr talks about the reasons for recording “Redneck Crazy,” a song written by the same two guys who co-wrote Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” “Redneck Crazy” is Tyler Farr’s first career Top 40 Country Radio hit.

Tyler Farr is waking up country fans with his new hit on the rise, “Redneck Crazy.” And if some are comparing it to a male version of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” they may be spot on due to a slight connection between the two songs. Songwriters Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear wrote both tunes (Mark Irwin also being part of Farr’s new single). Roughstock recently chatted with Kear about the latest release from Farr and his recollection of the day the three wrote the song country music fans can’t get enough of these days.

Watch The “Redneck Crazy” Music Video From Tyler Farr

“I remember driving to the writing appointment that day with Chris and Mark listening to country radio,” Kear tells Roughstock, “Some song from the 90s came on where the guy was all upset that his girl picked another guy, but he was resigned to that fact. I couldn’t help thinking that the guys I grew up with back home would never let it go that easily. I told Chris and Mark what I was thinking, and by that afternoon it was done. 

“I remember loving the ‘about to get my pissed off on’ line, mainly because we had the line and one of the other guys had to point out the off/on cleverness of it,” adds Kear. “I just liked that it sounded real in this situation. 
“Chris and I had just written [another Carrie Underwood hit] ‘Blown Away’ not too long before this song, and I guess we were on a sound effect kick,” Kear continues. “On the original demo there’s a revving truck sound under the intro … pretty funny. I think we put sound effects on a couple other songs in that period too. Luckily that phase was a short one!”