Single Review: Joe Nichols - "Sunny And 75"

Joe Nichols has had an up and down sort of career with four #1 hits over 2.2 million albums sold but a lot of valleys between the #1 hits. Perhaps armed with a strong song like "Sunny And 75" and a label fully behind him, Joe can finally take his place in the upper echelon of Country stars, where his talent belongs.

With "Sunny And 75" Joe Nichols finally comes out with new music after leaving Show Dog-Universal some time ago. Now signed to fledgling label RedBow Records (part of Broken Bow Music Group), Joe's been hard at work in the studio with Derek George (Randy Houser's producer) crafting his upcoming album debut for the label. After one listen to "Sunny and 75," it is easily the most likable uptempo single from Joe Nichols since "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Come Off."  

While the production is a little more processed than what fans have come accustomed to hearing from this talented vocalist, it's far from enough to derail a song that is as of the moment and current as "Sunny and 75" is. Written by Jason Sellers, Paul Jenkins and Michael Dulaney, "Sunny And 75" uses lyrics (Read them here) which string together what may be the first memories the narrator remembers about the woman in his life, or more likely, the way she always makes him feel 'every time I look in your eyes.' Who wouldn't wanna hear that kind of sentiment out of the one they love? 

There may not be anything 'new' to be heard lyrically or production wise on this song but as far as feel good modern Country Music songs that make for a killer summertime soundtrack, "Sunny And 75" is a strong single, even if it'd be easy to see this song being a hit for any of Country's top stars. What that means is it's a well-written and executed song that's exactly what radio and fans want in the spring of 2013 and should be enough to get fans excited for new Joe Nichols music and perhaps the best thing about the song is being able to hear Joe inflict his own bit of vocal nuance and style into the song, particularly on the bridge before the final chorus of "Sunny And 75."

Listen to "Sunny And 75" here