Single Review: Jon Pardi – Up All Night

Up and coming singer/songwriter Jon Pardi has been making waves on the radio with Top 40 debut single “Missin’ You Crazy” from last year and now he’s hoping to break out with “Up All Night.” Read on here to learn what we think about Jon Pardi’s catchy new single!

Pardi blends a traditional country sound with an up-tempo beat.  With roots in California, he appears to be no stranger to the Country lifestyle. With yet another reference to a dirt road in its’ chorus, the song isn’t a lyrical masterpiece (or original). However, conceptually, it’s cute with an up-beat tempo beat that keeps you wanting more.  

The chorus – while bland and unoriginal – gets stuck in your head and played on repeat. Do I think it’s a number one hit or enough to catapult him in to the spotlight? I don’t know. But what I do think is “Up All Night” is a nice start for Jon Pardi to gain attention.

Listen to Up All Night here!