Kenny Cesney “Life On A Rock” Tracklist & Cover Art

Kenny Chesney’s set to release his next album for Blue Chair/Columbia Nashville on April 30, 2013. Take a look here to learn a little bit more about the project and to see the just-released tracklist and cover art!

The beautiful thing about being a superstar is that you get to make projects that you may not have been allowed to make when you were in the earlier stages of your career and that’s exactly what Kenny Chesney does with Life On A Rock, a record that’s coming out just about a year after the well-made Welcome To The Fishbowl. Lead single “Pirate Flag” certainly sets the theme of life on the water and around the sand in motion and if the tracklist is any indication, we’ll have the soundtrack for the summer of 2013 right here.


“It all depends on what kind of rock you’re looking at,” Chesney says of the title. “Just living here on this planet, we’re all living life on a rock; but for me, and for this record, it’s about the way life is when you live on an island. Everywhere you go, there’s everyone you know; you know everything about them, and they know everything about you… and well, that’s just a whole other way to be.

“And coming from Luttrell, Tennessee, I can tell you, ‘life on a rock’ isn’t all that different from life in a real small town. It’s slower, it’s easier, it’s more invested and it’s also more about really enjoying the moments as they are, when they are.”


Kenny Chesney – Life On A Rock Tracklist:

1. Pirate Flag (lyrics)

2. When I See This Bar (lyrics)

3. Spread The Love (Feat The Wailers and Elan) (lyrics)

4. Lindy (lyrics)

5. Coconut Tree (With Willie Nelson) (lyrics)

6. It’s That Time Of Day (lyrics)

7. Life On A Rock (lyrics)

8. Marley (lyrics)

9. Must Be Something I Missed (lyrics)

10. Happy On The Hey Now (A Song For Kristi) (lyrics)

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