Album Review: Kyle Park - Beggin' For More

It's always one of our favrite things to expose fans of Mainstream Country Music to artists who are making stuff that's outside of what most radio stations play but still withink the same sonic landscape. Kyle Park's new album Beggin' For More is one such recording and you can check out our review of the album here.

The record's lead single "The Night Is Young" has an atmospheric country/rock feel to the sound and one of two co-writes with Thom Shepherd, one of the writers of "Ridin' With Private Malone." It's sonically progressive for a country song with an overall 'happy' melody and that's exactly what it's about, about enjoying life and being happy. The title track was written with George Ducas ("Lipstick Promises") and showcases another jovial side to Kyle Park as he sings about the way he's so in love with the girl of his dreams. The vocal runs Kyle showcases on "Beggin' For More" find a singer unafraid to take chances with his instrument, something that not all Country singers are willing to do. "Fit For The King" feels like a classic George Strait song and really should because the clever use of lyrics from his songs to make a playful new love song.

A majority of the record was self-written by Kyle Park himself including the percussive "True Love," and the best song on the record for my money, "Long Distance Relationship." Both songs showcase one of Country Music's strongest younger songwriters. "True Love" shows tempo and honest songwriting about not wanting to leave a great relationship while "Long Distance Relationship" is a sweet ballad where Kyle singing about the pitfalls of the type of relationship that musicians often go through while out on the road touring from venue to venue for most of the year. Another standout self-penned track is "Like Nobody Will," a steel-guitar laced song about taking the chance to be in love with the great line of "I may be a nobody but I'm gonna love you like nobody will." It's honest, real and just dang good, like the rest of the album is.

The 13 tracks that make up Beggin' For More find a singer ready for mainstream Country success and if I were a record label I'd seriously consider signing Kyle Park to a record deal and promoting some of these songs to country radio.