Third Annual Music Video Madness: Round 1 "Play-In Games"

For the past couple of years around March Madness time we have had a special Fan-oriented voting contest for favorite videos. Those who vote are eligible to enter to win a prize pack featuring stuff (CDs, Shirts, Photos) from all of the participating artists! Read here for more info and to vote!

The Third Music Video Madness tournament is underway and for this year we have 12 competing videos from all levels of country stars, from superstars (Toby Keith and Luke Bryan) to upcoming stars. Toby and Luke are joined by Craig Campbell and Lee Brice in earning first round byes due to their recent success, with Craig Campbell's previous success on this contest (first place in 2011 and second-place in 2012). What this means is that these four artists have a first round bye in thier regions and will fight the winners of the first round to go to the final four video portion to happen next week!

The Music Video Madness Contenders

The contenders are Aaron Watosn and Gloriana in Region 1 while Region 2 features Dustin lynch and Maggie Rose. Region 3 features Marie Miller and Brett Eldredge while Region 4 features Kristen Kelly and Aaron lewis.

How Music Video Madness Works

The Bracket will have the winners of the first round facing off against Lee Brice in Region 1, Craig Campbell in region 2, Luke Bryan in region 3 and Toby Keith in region 4. After this weekend, next week we'll see region 1 winners face off agains region 2 winner and region 3 winner face off against region 4. Finally, the final two winners will battle to see who will follow Craig Campbell and Andy Gibson in being crowned the winner of the Third Annual Music Video Madness. 

While all these video votes are in good fun, we have a handful of prize packs to give away featuring swag (CDs and/or photos, shirts, hats, etc) from EACH artist in the contest so that means if you win that contest (Enter Here) you will get something cool from each artist, not just one item from each of the artists.

The Games

Now that you know how to play, here are the videos you can vote for. After watching the videos, you can vote at the bottom of the page. You will be able to vote as many times as you like but you will have to vote for each region, just like you'd pick a team in a basketball tournament bracket.


Region 1: Honky Tonk Region

Aaron Watson - "Lips" Vs. Gloriana "Can't Shake You" With winner to face Lee Brice "I Drive Your Truck" this weekend.

Region 2: Southern Star Region

Dustin Lynch "She Cranks My Tractor" vs. Maggie Rose "I Ain't Your Mama" with winner to face Craig Campbell "Outta My Head" this weekend.

Region 3: Country Must Be Country Wide Region

Marie Miller - "You're Not Alone" vs. Brett Eldredge "Don't Ya" with winner to face Luke Bryan "Buzzkill" this weekend.

Region 4: Country 4 Life Region:

Kristen Kelly - "He Loves To Make Me Cry" vs. Aaron Lewis "Forever" to face Toby Keith "Hope On The Rocks" this weekend.


Now Vote (you Must vote for one video in each region). You can vote as often as you want.

*Note: to vote as often as you want you'll need to refresh after completing the poll, if you do not answer each question, the poll will be invalid.

*1st Round of Voting will run Through Friday, Midnight Pacific Time. Second Round will Start Monday Morning.

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