Album Review: Gretchen Wilson - Right On Time

Gretchen Wilson is back with her second album from her own record label. Right On Time may not have the big, expressive radio hits like previous recordings did but does that make it any different than previous releases? Read on here to see what we have to say about Gretchen's fifth studio album!

With Right On Time Gretchen Wilson returns after a three year hiatus with the first of three planned album releases in 2013 (a tribute to Classic/Southern Rock and a Christmas record are on the docket). And it's an album that doesn't find Wilson chasing trends anymore and there's good reason for this as she states inside the album cover jacket: 

Everything has evolved and I'm more in the moment now than I used to be. In fact, I'm probably right on time…

And when listening to this record, the cynic would say she's not living in the moment but rather living in the past, I think she's just enjoying the making of music she likes, without any worries about what mainstream Country Radio would want to play.  Right On Time is not a record about such things, instead it is a rollicking collection of songs that run the gamut from soulful ballads (the title track, "One Good Friend") to hard-driving rockers ("Dust & Bone," "The Well Run Dry") from Heartland Rock ( "My Truck," "Still Rollin") to quirky songs ("Grandma" & "Hey Love"). 

This may not strike the fancy of some critical types but for me it's just the work of a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, happy with who she is ("Took a while to get here but I'm right on time" she sings on the fantastic "Right On Time," a fifteen year old track written by NRBQ's Al Anderson and Sharon Vaughn).  Throughout the record - through the stylistic changes - is a confident vocalist whose natural soulful voice is perfectly at home performing each and every track on Right On Time.