Album Review: Tim McGraw – Two Lanes Of Freedom

With the odyssey of the past couple of years behind him, Country Music superstar Tim McGraw is finally able to get back to what matters the most for him, making the best music he can make. Does Two Lanes of Freedom stack up amongst his best work? Read on to find out what we think of his debut with Big Machine Records

The past couple of years have certainly been some trying times for Tim McGraw, a messy public parting with his old record label and an evolution in his personal life as he decided to give up alcohol and became a model of fitness. It’s all helped shape the perspective of his brand new album, Two Lanes of Freedom, his first released in partnership with Big Machine Records.

After listening to the record, it’s easy to see why Curb Records fought so hard to keep Tim McGraw on their label. Two Lanes Of Freedom is a vibrant, satisfying record with a nice mixture of uptempo tracks (Top 10 hit “Truck Yeah”), emotional reflective ballads (“Friend of A Friend,” “Annie I Owe You This Dance”), strong radio-ready tracks (“Southern Girl,” “Book of John,” “Mexicoma”) and stunning story songs (“Nashville Was You,” “Number 37405″). There’s not really any missteps on the album and it’s more representative of McGraw’s whole career from Not A Moment Too Soon to Emotional Traffic. 

There are two versions of the album available for purchase, the regular 11 track version and the 15 track Accelerated Deluxe Edition, a collection we’d suggest as the better get for it truly represents Tim McGraw’s true artistic vision for Two Lanes Of Freedom with tracks arranged throughout the album and not just tacked onto the end of the recording.

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