Award-Winning Gibson Brothers Announce New Album

A talented, award-winning duo with three equally talented members backing them up (as pictured here), The Gibson Brothers have had a strong run on the Bluegrass charts, overcoming their NY State roots. Read on here to learn more about the duo's upcoming album for Compass Records!

Brothers Eric and Leigh Gibson drew inspiration for these songs from the loss of their father last year.  Eric explains:  "Although this isn’t a grieving album some of that energy found its way into the music."  Bluegrass icon Tim O'Brien encouraged the brothers to "Keep digging deeper" after hearing their 2011 award-winning set Help My Brothers.  "We thought about that comment a lot, and I think we've accomplished that with the new CD," says Eric.

Eric and Leigh Gibson grew up on a dairy farm in the shadow of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, and initially faced some controversy for their Northern roots.  "We were slowly accepted and I finally felt like I didn't have to explain our credibility to anyone.  Leigh and I have barnyard credibility if you need that."

Regardless of what geographic region the brothers hail from, their music has earned critical praise and a nationwide audience, not to mention an endorsement from bluegrass legend Del McCoury, who says,  "When I hear the Gibson Brothers, I know it’s them from the first note. They have that little thing in their voices that no one else has."  In 2012, The Gibson Brothers received one of the bluegrass industry's highest honors, the International Bluegrass Music Association's Entertainer of the Year award.