Single Review: Randy Houser – Runnin’ Outta Moonlight

It’s always hard to follow-up a huge, #1 radio hit, particularly when that hit is your first #1 hit. Read on here to find out if (and listen to) this new single feels like a song to help establish Randy Houser as one of Country’s more bankable acts on the charts after the Gold-selling #1 “How Country Feels”.

In many ways “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” is the perfect sequel to “How Country Feels,” as it finds Randy Houser taking that girl who didn’t know about the charms of country life one step further with a party under the stars, it’s an of the moment, spend time with one you love kind of love song, one that has a delicious up-tempo sing-a-long melody and a nicely written lyrical cadence permed expertly by Randy Houser. 

“Running Outta Moonlight” excels at what it is, a radio-friendly up-tempo love song. It doesn’t solve hunger or world peace but then again, it’s not a ‘sell-out’ either. Randy Houser remains one of country’s best vocalists and he connect on another winner, this one a single which should give the star his first consecutive Top 10 hits, perhaps even his first pair of Gold-selling #1 hits.