Roughstock Exclusive: Gary Allan Discusses Working With Jay Joyce on New Album

In the past few years, producer Jay Joyce has helped artists like Trace Adkins Little Big Town, Eric Church, Thomas Rhett, and more deliver a new, rawer version of country music to fans. Click on here to learn more from Gary Allen (on video) about how working with Jay was initially a startling experience.

"It was cords everywhere, the mixing board in the same room...I felt like we were making an album at one of my college buddy's house and we had no money...I didn't know how this was gonna turn out." 

"It was like nothing we've ever done...He's very creative...and you look back, it's very spontaneous," says Gary. "It was really cool."

Jay Joyce produced the new single "Pieces," the follow-up to Gary's #1 Platinum hit "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)." You can hear both tracks on the just-released Set You Free album.