Watch: Templeton Thompson "When I Get That Pony Rode" Music Video

Known in Nashville for her strong songwriting, Templeton Thompson is also one powerhouse vocalist and she showcases as much on this, her brand new music video for "When I Get That Pony Rode." Take a look at the music video here!

Templeton Thompson's brand new video showcases a vocalist with a soaring vocal edge a-la Trisha Yearwood and it's easy to see how she's become a favorte go-to singer in Nashville's songwriting community. In the video, Templeton sings about the freedom she experiences while riding on her Pony. The singer is often mixng her love of horses with her music. Take a look at the music video, we hope that you enjoy this showcase of one of Nashville's best!

The video has over 10,000 views in just under a week for the Reve Records recording artist.