Single Review: Justin Moore “Point At You”

With “Point At You” Justin Moore returns with the lead single to his upcoming third album for The Valory Music Company. Read on here to find out what our writers have to say about the song’s potential to become a big hit here.

The current king of Country Music’s Twang is back with”Point At You,” a tale that is relatable to nearly every man who has ever been a ‘tough guy’ and every girl who has ever loved a ‘tough guy. Most of the world’s country boys tend to exude a tough exterior but when the right female comes along, that hard exterior softens right up. Justin Moore proves this on “Point At You” when he sings “If they want to see my sweet side, my soft side, my best side, I just point at you.” The current king of country music twang is at it again with his new single, “Point at You.” 

On the heels of “Till my Last Day,” “Point at You” is lyrically a bit more adventurous and fun with a lyric that rings true to Justin’s own life. Tough boys everywhere, and those girls that love ‘em, will be looking to add the song to their wedding song playlists!

Justin Moore hasn’t re-invented the wheel with this one but he still provides us with a song that pays tribute to the women behind every tough man.