Single Review: Chris Janson – “Better I Don’t”

This singer/songwriter first grabbed our attention in 2009 when playing some shows around Nashville. After a brief time with a label Chris Janson is ready to deliver a single which feels like a star-making kind of song, Read on to see what we think of “Better I Don’t” here and take a listen for yourself!.

Sometimes all you need to do is hear a song once to ‘get it.’ That’s exactly the way I feel aobut “Better I Dont, Chris Janson’s debut single with Bigger Picture. “Better I Don’t” is the kind of uptempo song country radio should find irresistible. The lyric oozes charm as Janson sings clever lyrics about different ways that he’d be better off not doing stuff, from drinking to incriminating himself in a trial. The melody leaps out of the speakers and will get you tapping your feet along or, if you’re driving along, you’ll be dashboard drumming. 

The melody is up temp and rockin’ without ever feeling like it’s a rock song masquerading as modern country music. The guitars are twangy, the steel guitar fills are clearly audible and not just window dressing and Janson’s harmonica playing is downright stunning. If your local radio stations invite Chris Janson out to play shows, do yourself a favor and check him out as his live show is very much an extension of this song and I can attest to the fact that his upcoming EP and album are chock full of Country songs that are country with just a dash of ‘punk’ thrown in for good measure.

This song feels like such an instant hit that It’d be really surprising if Chris Janson isn’t one of 2013′s break-out stars. It’s just that good. Buy it at the links below, it’ll be some of the best $$ you’ve spent on a single this year (or any year for that matter).

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